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Dining Out With A Purpose (DOWAP) is a dining club that gathers bi-monthly to dine at a participating restaurant and the restaurant makes a donation to the charity of choice. DOWAP allows you to support your local charities by dining out, something we already do.

DOWAP was formed by a group of friends in May, 2012 in Atlanta GA. The DOWAP board members all participated in Dining Out For Life (DOFL) event to support Open Hands in 2012. The concept is the same, just with more frequency.  The Founding Member are: Angie Ford, Lorna Subramanien, Danyel Hickling, Cheryl Johnson, Myguail Chappel & Sterling Dunkley.

Given, the difficult economy many charities are seeing a drop in donations and many restaurants are also seeing a drop in clientele. Therefore, DOWAP will target the slow night of the restaurant to bring in a group to dine and in return the restaurant will donate 20% to the charity of choice.

For the members of DOWAP and their guests, the main benefit is just personal satisfaction.

The main objective is to support our communities via a dining experience, by doing what we already do. This is a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the charity organization, as we will be targeting the slow night of the restaurant to fill the revenue gap. Also the restaurant will be able to write off the donation as charitable contribution on their taxes.

We will also rotate the charities that the donations are made to. Only charities with the appropriate 501C accreditation will be considered for donations.

For example, if on the night of the scheduled DOWAP event, 50 people come into the agreed restaurant to dine out with a purpose, on average each person will pay $30 to dine out. This means that the restaurant will have revenue of $1,500 from the dining group and will donate a 20% ($300) to the charity of our choice . The transaction of the money exchange will be left up to the charity and the restaurant. 

Supporting our communities through a dining experience
Angie Ford - Chairperson
Dr. Key Hallmon - Member
Myguail Chappel - Member
Danyel Hickling - Member
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